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Experiential Education

Our program provides the area's youngest with opportunities to connect with each other as well as our unique surroundings. Our Montessori inspired approach lends itself to a wide array of social and academic experiences to prepare our students for the joys of interconnected living.

building community

Through our program, families drawn to the natural beauty of Transylvania county can come together to experience and appreciate how lucky we all are to be here. 

Our partnership with the Transylvania Historic Society will expanded awareness of both projects and the opportunities for collaboration seem endless.

Environmental Stewardship

Montessori envisioned early childhood education as the bedrock of a peaceful society. Our program continues this tradition by maintaining the natural connection small children already have with their surroundings. These early experiences will translate later into empowered awareness of our role as environmental stewards. The more time we spend outdoors the more we remember the power and importance of our relationship with nature.